True Blue 2024: Meet Our Candidates

March 26, 2024


Liz Graner emanates positive energy — even after a full day of teaching Shakespeare to high school seniors! When we met for coffee late one afternoon to discuss her candidacy for the 2024 Bernards Township Committee election, she arrived bright as a button. Big smile, big, red-dotted scarf and bright red sneakers, Liz is all “Let’s do this!” And she’s ready to run.

Focused on the opportunities for local Democrats to expand the benefits of living in Bernards Township to all residents, she sees history-making ahead. “With Ana (Duarte McCarthy) already on the committee, and Adam Subervi and me winning both open seats, it would be the first Democratic majority in township history.”

Immersed in politics since she was 16 growing up in Pittsburgh, Liz, now 53, is long familiar with New Jersey politics, especially in Union and Somerset counties. Her two runs for a seat in the state legislature came so close to wins, she is undaunted by this upcoming campaign. “I have such solid backing from Democratic leaders and have been encouraged by so many others who love the town, I feel strong,” she says.

As a loyal and proud union member, Liz is especially interested in the well-being of the township’s teachers, police and other public employees. “We must continue to attract and retain the employees who make every area and every neighborhood of Bernards a secure place to live, to learn, to work and to enjoy life,” she says.

As for non-political interests, Liz is a reader, writer and a hiking outdoorswoman. She also leads her Rahway High School students’ extra-curricular outdoors club. She and her fiancé Mike recently moved to a new condo that accommodates them, their college aged children (one each) and their medley of pets (mostly hers).


Family man. Attorney. Marine officer. All of these describe Adam Subervi, a 10-year resident of Bernards Township who is running as a Democrat for a spot on the Township Committee. An Iraq War veteran, Subervi began his career as a military prosecutor, then worked as a prosecutor at the United States Attorney’s Office in Newark. Adam works as in-house counsel on behalf of a leading medical technology company, in addition to continuing his military service as a Colonel and senior judge in the Marine Corps Reserve.

A father to four sons, the youngest in 6th grade and the oldest grown and living in New Hampshire, Subervi said the town’s stellar school system initially drew the family to Bernards Township. Subervi’s wife, Alicia, is the principal of Green Brook Middle School, and education is a priority for them. But Subervi also understands that a town is only as good as its governance, and the idea of running for Township Committee came naturally. “I’ve been in service in one way or another for really my entire career, and I see this as an extension of that,” he said.

Subervi has a sincere desire to provide a novel perspective as a member of the Township Committee. He looks forward to tackling long standing issues such as the town’s affordable housing obligation and – particularly as a resident who lives close to the center of town – the revitalization and rejuvenation of our downtown.

When not working, spending time with his family, or gearing up for his campaign, Subervi enjoys running, working out, and playing the guitar. He’s proud of his democratic values and maintains friendships with people across the political spectrum, something he prizes. “We have an obligation as Americans to provide equal opportunity for everybody,” he said. “Anybody can come here to ascend to the highest office in the land, be the leader of a company, be a success story.”

We look forward to seeing Subervi ascend to his new position in November.

– By MJ Walsh and Laurie Saloman

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True Blue 2024: Meet Our Candidates

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The BTDC is proud to introduce candidates Liz Graner and Adam Subervi

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