BTDC Delivers Care Packages that Benefit Hope for Veterans Program

May 13, 2021

On Tuesday, May 11th, members of the Bernards Township Democratic Committee (BTDC) brought over 275 items, worth about $5000, to The Hope for Veterans program facilitated by the Veteran Administration Hospital at Lyons. This program helps veterans struggling with trauma, mental illness and substance abuse issues by providing supportive and transitional housing, counseling, transportation and employment support service.

Four carloads were filled with “kits” that contained home goods requested by the Community Hope program. These kits included brand new items of pots and pans, serving utensils, dish towels, wash cloths, flatware, tumblers, mugs, bath towels, cleaning supplies and personal care items. More than 25 full kits were created with donations from the community.

Donors were able to leave notes thanking a veteran for their service. A thank you note was attached to each item. The VA was very appreciative of the donations as they always need assistance in creating these “kits.”

The BTDC would like to thank the following people who donated: 

Barbara Lewis, Susan Goldsmith, Christine Balas, Catherine Santaiti, Achint Kaur, Committeewoman Joan Bannan, Carol Groote, Joanne Russak, Sophia Chadda, Betsy Bacot, Nancy Opremcak, Jane Conklin, Meg Grifo-Dolan, Michael Goldberg, Meeta Garg, Erica Blackman, Susan Williams, Aileen Main, Nancy Frank Cook, Linda Mahoney, Maureen Joachim, Manu Goel, Pat Sodolak, Ana McCarthy, Elizabeth Graner, Deborah Ellis, Muriel Thibaud, Paul Grzelak, Diana E. Ryan, Pam and Steven Ball, Fred Douglis and Lisa Bahler, Nola Hansen, Heather Hudson and Tim Harris, Loretta Lane, Suzanne R. Glassman, Linda G. Cargo, Susan Gaits, Alan Vogel, William DeLorenzo, Jennifer Aaron, Mary R. Carroll, Mark Saible, Linda Ness, Janice Corrado, Jessica Simpson-Cook, Sara Nichols, Sima Guven, Laurie Saloman, Rebecca Hoy, Maureen and Thomas Matthias, Jennifer Kluger, Kelly O’Connor, Vrinda Deval, Ana Acosta, Nancy D’Andrea and many others that donated anonymously.

The BTDC is committed to encouraging our friends and neighbors to join us in engaging in acts of service that benefit not only our own community, but those who live outside it as well. Our mission embraces the power of engagement to address global and social concerns, including but not limited to supporting our local businesses, raising awareness about inclusivity and social justice and showing our gratitude to those who risked their lives to protect our freedom. As we emerge from the pandemic, it is our hope that we can truly move forward together.

For more information about Community Hope and the Hope for Veterans program, visit

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