Fine Wine & Fine Friends Wine Tasting Fundraiser

August 24, 2018

A fabulous evening with Bernards Township Democrats — sipping, nibbling, and chatting. Special guests Sara Sooy and Shanel Robinson for Somerset County Freeholder joined us for a great night out! Winemakers of Somerset was the perfect location, but it was decided that next time we will not just be sipping, but pressing and bottling! Join us next time.

Thank you to Suzy Saidi and Sima Guven for organizing and planning a beautiful and delicious evening out!
BTDC representative Susan Goldsmith with Somerset County Federation of Democratic Women President Margaret Weinberger.
BTDC representative Sima Guven with her husband Kazim.
Shanel Robinson for Somerset County Freeholder talking with BTDC representative, Lisa Winter.
“Cheers!” BTDC representatives Suzy Saidi, Sima Guven, Ana Acosta, and Catherine Santaiti.
Sara Sooy for Somerset County Freeholder talking with Susan.
Shanel Robinson and Sara Sooy for Somerset County Freeholder talking with Bernards Township Democrats, Lisa Winter and Cindy Vega.
Bill Knox and Jacob Caplan.
BTDC Vice Chair, Gregory Begg with Goutham Puppala, Pradeep Bokka, and Ramana Gandham.
BTDC Vice Chair Gregory Begg with Jacob Caplan and BTDC representative Susan Goldsmith.
BTDC representatives Catherine and Susan enjoying the evening.
A tour of the wine making facility!
Franklin Township Deputy Mayor and Democratic candidate for Freeholder, Shanel Robinson, welcomed by Greg Begg, BTDC vice chair.
BTDC representative Laura Begg with Peter Winter. Peace.
Catering by Eventix LLC.

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