Jessica Simpson-Cook: Liberty Corner First Aid Squad

October 18, 2022

We doubt there are few in Basking Ridge who, had they been made more aware of the issues regarding the Liberty Corner First Aid Squad, a non-profit all volunteer organization who has serviced the community for 57 years, would agree the best way forward was “sure, let’s sue them, and while we’re at it, let’s disinvite them from the first responders dinner.” 

Janice Fields, the Liberty Corner First Aid Squad liaison, maintains the Committee was left with no choice. There is ALWAYS a choice. When other townships helped their volunteers during COVID, by bringing in a paid service, LCFAS continued to work their shifts, working through the  pandemic, and providing their services FREE of charge to the community. 

Now, when anyone in the south part of town calls an ambulance, they will be charged for whatever their insurance doesn’t cover. How is this helping residents?

Rather than giving the squad time to rebuild, the Township Committee gave them an ultimatum: Provide at least 9 shifts per week or you’re out. What harm would there have been, had they instead negotiated and helped raise awareness, encouraging the community to step up, enlist younger residents interested in the medical field to take free training to become a volunteer? During their hiatus, the township could have simply put Atlantic in charge for the short duration with no lapse in service or put any resident in danger of NOT receiving service. 

Now, the Township will use taxpayer money to pay legal fees, and Liberty Corner will be forced to hire their own attorney to fight this. Where is the benefit for any resident? This is EXACTLY why we need a change. VOTE!

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