Our Time Is NOW

September 26, 2023

Ana McCarthy and Lily Wong are ready to make history, right here, right now in Bernards Township. If elected, it will be the first time in history that two Democrats are given the nod to serve. In this divisive political climate and increasingly fractured community, the BTDC is working at every level imaginable – working to break through an all-Republican gridlock that has gripped our district and continues to stymie progress and change. Looking ahead to next month’s election and borrowing from the title of Democratic gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Abrams’ recent book, Our Time Is NOW. 

With warning lights blinking nationwide and a twice-impeached, four-times-indicted candidate leading the Republican primary race for president, alarms are sounding here at home, too. 

  • At a public Township Committee meeting, our all-Republican cabinet publicly refused to condemn efforts to overturn a free and fair election on January 6, 2021. 
  • TheTownship Committee did not create nor adopt a new resolution to continue Bernards’ first Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee, effectively disbanding it. 
  • The committee has silenced residents by cutting a second opportunity for public opinion during public meetings. 
  • Most recently, the two Republican candidates for Township Committee backed out of a debate with Ana and Lily, after a date had been confirmed among all parties and advertised.

Our reality is this: There’s a lack of robust discussion, room for new ideas, bi-partisan dialogue, or celebrating difference in Bernards Township. As a community, we are ripe for change.

Ana and Lily will undoubtedly bring their successful corporate careers to bear if given the opportunity to serve on the Township Committee. Their hard-earned abilities to effect change and get work done in an efficient and timely manner will benefit Bernards as the township continues to grapple with issues ranging from overdevelopment to better serving our senior citizens. It’s time for residents across demographic and party lines to be heard, to feel included and valued. Ana and Lily are the right candidates at the right time – the only candidates who can begin bringing our community back together. Their time is NOW.


On Fiscal Responsibility

I come from an environment of 20-plus years working in financial services…So not only are you looked upon for what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, but what are you getting done? I believe our residents need to understand if you’re allocating tax dollars to whether it’s road repair or to avoid sewage issues or what have you, that this is being done, it’s done in a timely manner and that the results are achieved.

– Ana McCarthy

So I’m a fiscal conservative personally, which means that I try not to take on debt myself. And I spend frugally because I want to save for a rainy day. I think it’s really important to understand how our township is spending our tax dollars and to communicate it to our residents. And I have been talking to residents and people don’t know how our money is spent. Both of us are fiscal conservatives, meaning that we don’t believe in overspending. 

– Lily Wong

On Diversity of Thought

I feel that I bring a different voice to township government right now. It’s all from one ideological party. This would bring a fresh set of perspectives, fresh experience, and my background also included working in financial services. So I have a keen perspective around budgets, looking at financial commitments, transparency, and then also I believe I bring integrity to leadership.

– Ana McCarthy

My experience as an entrepreneur entail managing many people and understanding the different aspects of a business from human resources to marketing to finance and accounting. And so having that entrepreneurial experience will be helpful in understanding the broad set of functions that operate within the township.

– Lily Wong

On Building Community

If everyone is thriving, if everyone feels included, they’re more likely than not to put forward their best effort toward the company’s objectives. When you look at a community, we should also be thinking about ensuring the preservation of our home value, making sure that the brand and reputation of our community is fabulous.

– Ana McCarthy

I hope as a township, we could do more to connect people and neighbors with each other and there are lots of people that feel they are disconnected. The Township Committee has a role in promoting and celebrating all the different cultures and all the different lifestyles that exist in our town. There are so many cultures here and we should do more to promote and understand each other.

– Lily Wong

For more information about where Ana and Lily stand on the issues or to learn more about the vast experience they bring to the table, visit McCarthyWong.com

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