The Attack On The U.S. Capitol

January 13, 2021

Regardless of party affiliation, and yes, even regardless of how we voted in November, we must acknowledge the need to condemn the horrific events of Wednesday, January 6 at the U. S. Capitol. Insurrectionists, spurred on by hatred, misinformation, and the urging of a defeated executive leader, engaged in an act of domestic terrorism. Last evening, five residents, including four members of the Bernards Township Democratic Committee, came to the Bernards Township Committee meeting to ask the Committee to make an official statement condemning the events of Wednesday, January 6 at the U.S. Capitol. 

The response from our Township Committee was concerning and disappointing. Four out of five Committee members did not reassure their constituents that they accept the results of a fair and free election, an election that also put two people on the dais in front of us last night, nor did they assert their belief in the rule of law and peaceful transition of power.

Instead, two members likened the attack on our Capitol, the very cornerstone of our democracy, to protests from last summer. We appreciate the leadership and direction from Committeewoman Joan Bannan and support the proclamation she made last night in its entirety. Anything less is inadequate.

To hear the resident statements and the Township Committee’s response, you can watch the entire meeting on YouTube.

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  1. Mason Hoeller says:

    I thank Joan Harris for her leadership during this tough time. We need more like her on our Twp Committee.

  2. Jen Kluger says:

    One Township Committee member chose not to say anything at all.

    • BTDC says:

      Thanks Jennifer for taking part and sharing your views with the township committee. Accountability happens when residents step up.

  3. Peggy Baurkot says:

    I am dumbfounded by the Township Committee’s reluctance to denounce the events which transpired on 1/6/21 in Washington, D.C. Partisan politics should not get in the way of condemning violence, particularly when it took place by rioters within our Nation’s Capitol. I speak on behalf of my entire family when I say how thankful we are for Joan’s presence on the Township Committee and for her leadership at a very difficult time in this Country.

  4. Maureen Joachim says:

    With the exception of Committeewoman Harris’s spot-on resolution, I was appalled at the responses of the three other Committee members who spoke, and more appalled at the refusal to speak by Committeeman Esposito. After raging about violence and vandalism, equating BLM protests with insurrection, it’s clear where on the political and racial divides that too many of our Committee members fall. Insurrection, incited and encouraged by our President, is something to be condemned by all; it is not a question of political affiliation, or finger-pointing, saying, “But they did it first!” Treason, committed with violence, needs to be formally denounced by our town’s leaders for what it is. Thank you, Ms. Harris, for being the leader you were elected to be.

  5. Laura Begg says:

    The level of blind party loyalty in this town is absolutely baffling and seriously disturbing to any educated, informed individual. The response to the Capitol violence by 4 of our TC members is not surprising given the strong, unapologetic support of not only DJ Trump but of the republican policies of fear mongering and disinformation spread that have marked the GOP for many years. The republican leadership in BT work diligently to cancel the opinions of anyone outside their own viewpoint in favor of believing what the party leaders at the national and state level hand out. The response is prescribed, and the sheeple simply fall in line to spread it. There is no safety here in town or regard for the total constituency, and nor is there reassurance that our elected leaders are even slightly interested in opinions outside their own misinformed and misguided beliefs. Thank goodness many of the R leaders at the national level refuse to go along any longer and DJ Trump was impeached. We have at least that to rely on – and a new administration. Thank you to those who attended the meeting to speak out in favor of lawfulness, our government and our democracy.

  6. Ana Alonso Acosta says:

    Watched it and was impressed by all whom spoke so eloquently and passionately. I was very disappointed in the general responses of the TC members, with the exclusion of course of Joan, which had a perfect response! Thank you so much Joan for all your time and hard work!


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