Lily Wong shares why she’s running

May 16, 2023

Lily Wong believes the safety and well-being of our residents is paramount to the Township Committee’s responsibilities. There are a number of issues of concern.

First, she would like to assess whether the emergency response times are within an acceptable range given the dissolution of the Liberty Corner First Aid Squad.

Second, she and Ana adamantly oppose the current application of Signature Acquisition to convert the current office building at 150 Allen Road to an expanded light manufacturing facility with 24 truck bays. The traffic of so many tractor trailers driving through our residential neighborhoods poses a higher safety risk.

Third, she wants to assess how we can strategically add sidewalks and bike paths to ensure safe access for non-drivers in our community. Check out the full article on

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Campaign News

A Powerful Force and Breath of Fresh Air for Bernards Township Committee

As a local nonprofit leader, I am very interested in supporting civic-minded individuals who have generously given back to our community.

Both women are intelligent compassionate leaders who have the desire to serve and hear their community.

Campaign News

 Joan Bannan Endorses McCarthy and Wong

True Blue

Our Time Is NOW

Ana McCarthy & Lily Wong are ready to make history, right here, right now in Bernards Township.

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Board of Education

Contentious topics include the rejected sociology texts, the new health curriculum, and more.

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