Got Questions About Vote By Mail? Steve Peter Has The Answers

August 21, 2020

Somerset County Clerk Steve Peter Answers Questions About Vote By Mail

Bernards Township Committee candidates Jon Sandler and Sophia Chadda invited Somerset County Clerk Steve Peter to their Town Hall to discuss vote by mail. You can view the entire broadcast here. Or, check out the excerpts below…

Is Vote By Mail More Susceptible To Fraud?

When Will I Get My Ballot?

What If I Make A Mistake on My Ballot Or Accidentally Throw It Out?

What’s the Best Way to Return My Ballot?

I’m Concerned About The Post Office Delivering My Ballot

Could Someone Send A Fraudulent Ballot?

How Will I Know If My Ballot Was Received?

Will I Be Notified If My Ballot Is Disqualified?

Can I Bring My Ballot To The County Offices?

Will Votes Be Counted Before Election Day?

How Long Will It Take To Record The Election Results?

For more information, visit our Voter Information Page!

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  1. Valerie says:

    Excellent conversation… very informative… reassuring! Keep up the good work, Sophia and Jon.

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