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Meet Jessica

My husband and I chose to purchase our Bernards Township home in 2019. I am a legal and procurement professional for an International Consumer Goods company and have built my career working at Fortune 500 companies headquartered in New Jersey.

I earned my Business Degree from Temple University in 2004, attended Widener University Law School, and earned my Executive MBA from Rutgers University in 2017. I am currently a member of the Junior League of the Oranges and Short Hills, committed to develop and empower women civic leaders to address the needs of children by tackling food insecurity and improving access to essential items and resources to improve the health and wellness of school-aged children in need.

I am honored and eager to embark on this journey again as a candidate for the Bernards Township Committee. I am dedicated to working on new efforts that continue to make our town a lively, vibrant community which is attractive to residents, visitors, restaurants and other businesses. I am confident in my extensive negotiation experience. I am willing to listen to all voices, and with a collaborative approach to issue resolution, I can serve and represent the needs of everyone in our community.

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