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We are committed residents of Bernards Township, and after years of professional and community service, would be honored to bring our experience, talent, and motivation to serve on the Township Committee. 

Ensuring your tax dollars are spent responsibly, maximizing benefits to our residents.

What do We Offer You?

Serving our residents across all life stages. 

Fiscal Responsibility

Community Engagement

Delivering solutions and results in a timely manner, based on community input. 

Transparency and Results

These are leadership characteristics we value, and they will have a positive and long-term impact on our community.

The Township Committee currently comprises five members of one political ideology. This creates a leadership echo chamber of similar viewpoints and unanimous decisions that may not always be what’s best for our community. We will bring a fresh perspective, and, with input from our residents, will create a better-informed pathway forward.

We believe there should be transparency in budget planning, ensuring your tax dollars are allocated responsibly. We will work closely with our township administrators to explore opportunities for new revenue, such as community partnerships and additional grants, to address growing costs, including, among others, salaries and benefits required to attract and retain top township talent.

  • Ensure that our township budget is aligned to priorities, programs and services, to foster a vibrant community.  
  • Review the current state of our emergency medical services (EMS) and secure appropriate resources to provide rapid response to our community.
  • Preserve our open space as stewards of our environment, and protect our community from overdevelopment through proactive planning and innovative solutions.
  • Support the revitalization of our local business economy. Partner with our local vendors, and introduce events and programs, such as a farmers market, a restaurant week, or a shop local promotion, to increase awareness and encourage consumer spending within our township.
  • Provide community-wide events in the spirit of Charter Day, such as cultural festivals, bringing residents together more frequently. 
  • Advocate to reinstate the second public comment (eliminated in 2022) for residents at Township Committee Meetings. 
  • Encourage input of residents through weekly office hours and virtual “Ask Me Anything” forums.

Our Promise

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There are more than 27,000 residents in Bernards Township, encompassing a rich tapestry of backgrounds, interests, and experiences. We aspire to be a community where everyone thrives and has a strong sense of belonging. Research has found that individuals feel they belong when they are comfortable, are treated fairly and respectfully, feel connected to others, and feel they can contribute to meaningful outcomes.
Our town leadership can initiate and communicate more opportunities to energize our community for a greater sense of connectedness. We want a better Bernards where residents are excited about what is happening here, and see our community as a great place to live.

We are listening, and your voice matters. We believe residents should have an opportunity to respectfully express their opinions, thoughts, and beliefs without fear of reprisal. As members of the Township Committee, we pledge to act openly, improve communication and make ourselves available in person and virtually on a regular basis to listen to the concerns of our residents. We bring a can-do attitude and a results-oriented approach from our combined decades of business experience.  

We will, among other measures, advocate for reinstatement of the second public comment at Township Committee meetings for any issues that arise after the initial comment period. We strongly believe that allowing residents to provide input on matters of the township is vital toward building trust and confidence in your elected leadership.

Fiscal Responsibility

Community Engagement

Transparency and Results

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